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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do I need to do to get an NWC ID?
2.  How much is it to replace a lost or stolen ID card?
3.  Who needs an ID?
4.  Do I need to update my NWC ID?
5.  What forms of payment are accepted in the office?
6.  Where is the office for NWC?
7.  When are Homeowners' Annual Assessments due?
8.  Where do I pay my dues?
9.  What do my HOA dues pay for?
10. Do I need permission to make changes to my property?
11. Who can rent NWC facilities?
12. How can I use the pools?
13. Can I take a guest to the pool (or any other NWC facility)?
14. Who is responsible for maintaining a fence?
15. Whose responsibility is it to cover graffiti?
16. What do the abbreviations WBCH and DRCH mean?